The Longlevens Chiropractic Team Cycle Practice! by Massage Therapist Kate West

The 30 mile practice route!

Kate West Cycling!

Saturday the 27th April at 8.30 am we were set to rendezvous at the Longlevens Chiropractic Clinic and set off on our 30 mile practice route in preparation for the big 200 miler at the end of June.

We were short a couple of people but Simon, Pat, Doddy, John, Russell and I made it and managed to set off at 9am. After a few miles through Gloucester we were on B roads out in the beautiful countryside going through Sandhurst and Norton. The route was mostly flat but a little windy at times, which did cause some difficulty on my part! I was also trying out my clipless pedals and shoes (thanks to Russell who fitted them for me!) for the first time but there were NO falls………I am extremely proud!

As we came to the outskirts of Tibberton, I hit my wall and had to sit down to have a sugary snack! …Yes the only girl on the ride and the ONLY one to need snack time! 

Hartpury had the toughest hill but it was totally worth it for the downhill into Maisemore; it was stunning.

The last leg was back through Gloucester, past Kingsholm and into the Clinic car park…….feeling a little sore in areas!

It was a great ride and definitely helped prepare all of us for what is to come. We certainly need to keep up the training!

Bring on the 26th May for the 40 miler!!

To Sponsor the Longlevens Chiro Charity Bike Ride Challenge please visit . Thank you all for your support!

Dear All,

He’s doing it again…!  Two years on (yes really, already, two years on!) from his sponsored walk, which saw him walk the entire 102 mile Cotswold Way in three days, Simon et al are embarking upon their next sponsored adventure and challenge, in aid of Bristol Children’s Hospital.  Having already walked the 3 peaks and completed the Cotswold Way, what, I hear you ask, could Simon possibly be organising next…?

I shall tell you.  On 27th June Simon and his friends are cycling a 200 mile route around the Severn Basin that starts at Gloucester and takes them through Hay on Wye, the Brecon Beacons, Newport, Chepstow and back to Gloucester, IN 3 DAYS…  Yes you did read that right – 200 miles in 3 days…! (Donations of spare doughnut cushions also gratefully received, in addition to sponsorship monies, by the way ….).

Why go to such great pains for Bristol Children’s Hospital?  Because it saved our son’s life.  In fact, both of our sons have received surgery there, but in particular we raise money every 2 years for Bristol Children’s Hospital to thank them for looking after Edward and saving his life with corrective open heart surgery when he was 6 months old.  He’s doing really well right now, but Edward will need further corrective surgery in his teens, most likely in Bristol.

If you are fortunate enough never to have needed to set foot inside the place, then you might not realise what an important, crucial and life saving place it is, or that at the moment, Bristol Children’s Hospital’s Wallace and Gromit Appeal is saving money to buy pioneering equipment rivalling some of the best in the world, for their Children’s Cardiac Theatre, which we may well need one day.

Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal ( was established in 1995 and has since raised over £21 million to support a wide range of life-saving medical equipment, family accommodation, and patient comforts, along with a programme of arts, music, education and play facilities in the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

The Grand Appeal is entirely independent from the NHS and receives no statutory funding, relying entirely on the generous support of the local community, businesses, grant-making trusts and other philanthropic organisations and individuals. We are proud to be a part of that.  You can be too.

All you have to do is sponsor Simon and his friends on another one of his mad-cap ventures and sit back and watch….!  Couldn’t be easier!  It might even be mildly entertaining….. ! (More so for us than for them I daresay – although they always seem to enjoy themselves on these jaunts, despite the discomfort/pain/agony etc etc etc). 

So please, help us continue to support Bristol Children’s Hospital to provide world-class care to patients from all over the South West and South Wales. Help us to help them save children’s lives, provide the best possible patient care and keep families together, by donating to The Grand Appeal via Simon’s sponsorship page: .

Do it now – while you think of it, and help us to motivate this very brave and selfless team.

Thank you.  Thank you so much.

Leah Rose (Edwards mummy…)



Sports Injuries

The Sports Chiropractors here at our clinic in Gloucester are qualified Olympic and World Games level injury specialists. Sports injuries should really be looked at as soon as possible to ensure a quick return to sporting activity and to prevent chronic problems occurring.

Award Winning Clinic and Chiropractors – That’s Us!!!

It’s exciting times for the Longlevens Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic!  On 30th January 2013 we will be awarded the prestigious Patient Partnership Quality Mark (PPQM) 2013 – 2015 by the College of Chiropractor’s, who were themselves recently awarded Chartered status by the Queen.

The College of Chiropractor’s states: “The College of Chiropractors believes that chiropractic services should be centred on the users of those services. The College supports the delivery of services that are flexible and responsive to the needs of patients, acknowledging them as partners in their own care.” (Tim Jay DC FCC, President)

The award recognises the achievement of outstanding levels of care and service provided to patients, in areas including cleanliness and safety, communication and patient education, privacy, accessibility and record keeping.  More information will follow and of course pictures, after the 30th January ceremony!

In addition to the PPQM award, one of the Longlevens Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic’s Chiropractors, Danny Adams, will be presented with an award identifying him as Outstanding PRT Chiropractor of the Year on the College of Chiropractor’s postgraduate Training Scheme, under Mentor and Clinic Director, Simon Rose.

Congratulations also to Danny (who has been busy!) for recently achieving his International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma, awarded by the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic.  This post doctoral qualification ensures extremely high standards of theoretical and practical competency in treating sports injuries and qualifies him to participate in major national and international events such as the Olympic Games.

More information will follow soon about all of the above.



Postural Advice From Danny Adams: The Brugger Break

The Brugger Break, also known as the Brugger relief position is an exercise that is brilliant for desk workers as it reverses the effects of sitting at a desk for long periods. It is a quick exercise at only 10 seconds duration and is easy to perform. When performed regularly (every 20 minutes) it can be one of the answers to the nagging question “how can I improve my posture?”

Here is how to perform it: i) Sit forwards onto the front edge of your seat ii) spread your legs out to 45 degrees each side and lean forward slightly so that your body weight is distributed in to your feet as well as your back. iii) extend your arms and then pull them back and down behind your body with your thumbs turned outwards and palms open. iv) tuck your chin straight back in to your chin (essentially giving  your self a double chin) v) push you chest forwards vi) take a deep breath in… then out, as you are breathing out push your chest even further forwards, remember to keep your hands back and to the sides behind you. vii) hold the out breath for 10 seconds and then return to work. viii) Set a timer or write yourself a post it note reminder for on your computer so that every 20 minutes it can be performed.

it only takes 10 seconds and will improve your posture, decrease your chance of back pain and aid any on-going treatment you are currently receiving.

We Now Stock Biofreeze Sprays!

We love Biofreeze pain relieving gel here at the Longlevens Chiro Clinic, and we sell lots of it too!  We have have now started to stock Biofreeze 4oz sprays which will be great for your handbag or sportsbag.  It’s very easy and practical to use wherever you are – home, work or on the sports field.  Pop in when you are passing if you would like to purchase one.

Sacro-Iliac, also known as SI, Joint pain

The Sacro-Iliac joint is a common cause of lower back pain due to the large amount of force it has to cope with, patients often get this joint confused with the hip as it is quite low and slightly to the side of the spine (wider in women).

This joint connects the spine to the pelvis and takes on a lot of force during motions involving the legs and torso. The joint essentially is a wedge of bone (The Sacrum) at the base of the spine fitting into wedge shaped region (between the ‘Ilia’, pleural of the ilium which is one of three parts of the pelvis) at the pelvis hence the name Sacro-iliac. Because this joint takes on so much force it requires a lot of stabilising, hence there are many ligaments connecting the sacrum to the surrounding structures. These ligaments are prone to injury, if the muscles around the joint, above or below are not working efficiently to support the spine then the S.I joint’s ligaments and cartilage are prone to increased forces and therefore damage.

Front view:

Rear view:

Pain that originally starts in this region often spreads across the whole of the lower back, this is because inflammation is a very clever but also very crude system. When the inflammatory process starts, it essentially dumps inflammatory chemicals on a region. What it often does however is go a bit too far, this can actually damage healthy cells, giving the feeling of pain in a general region. The S.I. joint can also refer pain to various other regions, this is because where the pain fibers from the S.I joint enter the spine, fibers often cross with fibers that innervate other regions of skin of the body, therefore producing pain at the region also. When this occurs, it is known as an S.I. joint Syndrome as all three components of pain, restriction and pain referral are involved to make up the ‘syndrome’.
Purely using an Ice pack regularly for 10-15 minutes every 2 hours for a week will make a massive difference and should localise the pain back to the joint where it originated. To clear out the rest and to prevent recurrence, a Chiropractor may be needed to get the joints moving properly and the muscles loosened and functioning correctly once more. There is only around 2-4 millimeters of movement at the joint therefore a Chiropractor will help regain as much movement as possible. This will get rid of the pain completely and with the correct assessment and treatment of your bio-mechanics and function it will prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

There are more serious conditions that can affect this joint such as various arthropathies, (there are many types of arthritis) though a well trained Chiropractor should be able to determine the exact cause of the pain from your history and assessment.

Danny at Gloucester Rowing Regatta

On the 25th and 26th of August 2012 Danny Adams volunteered to provide sports therapy for the competitors at the Gloucester Rowing Regatta, Hempsted Meadow. The Saturday was the busiest day of the two with the Junior and Masters events being held and the seniors competing on the Sunday. The rowing in Gloucester was fast and furious with competitors from all around the country attending the event.

On the Saturday Danny provided treatment to competitors from a small marquee attached to the side of the main marquee. He saw a wide range of different injuries which made it very interesting – he was prepped and ready to see some chronic Rowing problems!

It was a great atmosphere on the Saturday, which turned almost festival like when the heavens decided to open, turning the soft grassy meadow into a flip flop eating mud field. He says that from time to time he felt like Ray Mears or Bear Grylls treating in extreme conditions, as often muddy, bare footed competitors made their way to see him in his humble tent! The great thing was that other than the odd grumble, the muddy conditions made the event even more enjoyable as everyone seemed to be having a great day, Danny included!

The Sunday was a little quieter and shorter, with Danny choosing to treat on a much dryer wooden floored area in the corner of the main marquee.  As expected, due to the lower number of competitors on the senior’s day, he treated a lot less people but none the less enjoyed the fantastic hospitality and atmosphere that Gloucester Rowing club kindly provided.

A big thanks to Ben Rodford and all at Gloucester Rowing Club for organising this thoroughly enjoyable event.  Danny looks forward to treating the competitors again at the Autumn Head event coming this November.

***If you would like us to support an event that you are attending or hosting, whether sport or work related, please get in touch!!***

Mr G, Gloucester

“Tracey really listened to what my concerns/needs were, and then used her knowledge to explain how she would proceed, given all the information. Tracey makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. As she talks to you and prepares for your massage, you can tell she really has an interest in not only what’s going on with your body, but in whom you are. You find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience.”She encourages me to be an active part in my own treatment by putting me to work with passive resistance stretches or offering me suggestions for moves I can do at home. She is open to ideas and interested to know what works for you. My weekly treatment has become a part of my life, some time for me, and my well being, its working!!…….. Thank you Tracey”

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