Back Pain At Work

Factors at work which may trigger back pain or make it worse, may in fact be some of the most effective factors to tackle

An active approach to recovery that includes appropriate treatment and home/work self-help plans and that results in return to work, is better for everyone.  It is also usually better than inactivity and bed rest which can actually worsen some back related problems.

The British Occupational Health Research Foundation states:

  • Back pain is the largest single reported cause of absence from work
  • 40% of the population are affected by back pain
  • 50 million working days per year are lost due to back pain
  • Approx £5 billion a year in sickness and absensce costs is lost due to back pain

At Longlevens Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic we love to collaborate with employers to form successful and well respected referral schemes that ultimately help to reduce time and money lost to sickness and absenteeism that are caused by injuries relating to back pain, neck pain, repetitive strain and other musculoskeletal problems.  We are also happy to communicate with occupational health and HR departments to make recommendations that can help to resolve pain and injury related problems in the workplace.

We can:

  • Visit your premises and hold injury assessment days
  • Offer ergonomic work station assessments and advice
  • Give informative and industry relevant talks and presentations
  • Take part in health and safety events and other day events
  • Attend and support sporting events and team building events

We provide the very best in effective and professional chiropractic care.  The earlier treatment is sought, the quicker and more effective it is likely to be, and so a robust and trusted referral scheme is of paramount importance in helping to keep your workforce happy, healthy and free of back pain.  Contact us today on 01452 309372 with details about your requirements and we will put together a plan that is tailored to your organisation.

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