Foot Support and Orthotics

Experiencing Achilles pain, foot and ankle discomfort, running injuries, flat feet, bunions, plantar fasciitis, toe issues, knee and hip pain, shin splints, sciatica, or low back pain in Gloucester? Inadequate foot support can contribute to these injuries. Consider the benefits of shoe orthotics and foot joint mobilization to find relief.

Orthotics, the small inserts placed in footwear, serve to restore natural foot function. In Gloucester, these devices maintain the foot and ankle bones in a neutral position, facilitating natural foot movement, distributing weight effectively, and aiding shock absorption throughout the body.

Who benefits from Orthotics in Gloucester?

Orthotics are advantageous for individuals in Gloucester with insufficient foot support during activities like walking or running. When the foot can’t maintain a neutral position, it can lead to imbalances in other areas such as the ankle, knee, hip, and spine. For instance, overpronation or uncontrolled flattening of the inside arch of the foot during running can cause the ankle, knee, and hip to turn inward and tilt the pelvis forward, potentially resulting in strain and injury.

Can Orthotics in Gloucester cure my injury?

Orthotics enable the muscles, tendons, and bones to align optimally and function effectively in Gloucester. However, in cases where the joints themselves aren’t functioning correctly, additional treatment may be necessary to improve joint movement alongside Orthotic support. Successful injury recovery often requires both proper support and improved movement.

How can I find the right Orthotic for me in Gloucester?

At Longlevens Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic in Gloucester, we provide a customized orthotic fitting service that includes a thorough analysis of your walking or running pattern (gait analysis) using a specialized computer package on a treadmill. This analysis provides instant insights into your specific issues in Gloucester and helps identify the most suitable type of orthotic support for your feet.

Orthotics can benefit people of all ages and activity levels in Gloucester. Call us at 01452 309372 to schedule a foot consultation with our Foot and Orthotic Specialist, Simon Rose. He will assess your condition, analyze your foot movement, and recommend the best approach to keep you moving comfortably in Gloucester!

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