Knee Pain

Knee Pain Knee pain can be a result of a sports injury, or it may be the result of an every day wear and tear problem that has been building up over a long period of time.

When Knees Go Wrong in Gloucester

In Gloucester, even the simplest ‘hinge’ joint like the knee can face troubles. As the largest joint, it bears a significant strain during everyday activities such as walking or running. The knee is connected to strong muscles, ligaments, and cartilage. Damage to these structures in Gloucester can be debilitating, affecting your daily life and sports activities.

Knee pain in Gloucester might also be referred from another area, like the lower back, feet, or hips.

Knee Pain from the Foot in Gloucester

In Gloucester, it’s not uncommon for knee problems to arise from poor foot support. Ankle or foot issues can lead to inadequate knee shock absorption, causing knee overload and injury. If your knee pain in Gloucester is due to foot mechanics, our clinic offers specialised foot consultations.

Ensuring proper foot and ankle function and support is key to resolving knee issues in Gloucester. Tailor-made orthotics can be particularly beneficial, providing the necessary support to help the body absorb shock, thereby protecting vulnerable areas of the knee.

Symptoms of Knee Pain in Gloucester

Residents in Gloucester experiencing knee pain may notice symptoms such as:

  • Sharp or Dull Pain
  • Popping
  • Clicking
  • Locking
  • Clunking
  • Giving way
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Stiffness

In Gloucester, these symptoms can significantly impact daily life, but with the right care, relief is achievable.

What to do if you have knee pain in Gloucester

If you’re experiencing knee pain in Gloucester, wearing soft shoes, such as running trainers (though avoid running), can help alleviate discomfort. Regularly applying an ice pack to the affected knee or thigh area (ensure your skin is protected with a damp tea towel) can reduce inflammation. Maintaining mobility is important, but start with short activities around your house or garden. If the pain continues, it’s advisable to seek assistance from our chiropractic team in Gloucester. Prompt and efficient treatment can significantly reduce the chance of knee pain recurrence.

Get you out of pain in Gloucester

At our clinic in Gloucester, every patient receives a comprehensive and in-depth assessment as a top priority. We provide a clear and candid explanation about the likely causes of your pain and outline the most effective treatment approach to address it.

Our goal is to restore you to your optimal health quickly, using tailored mobilisations, gentle manipulations, and a diverse range of soft tissue therapies. Dry needling is also employed when suitable. Additionally, you will receive a summary of your initial visit, ensuring you have a detailed record to refer to at home.

Our Gloucester clinic’s goal: Keeping you pain-free.

In Gloucester, our clinical team excels in preventative care, offering every patient a bespoke ‘home help’ programme. This approach is key to ensuring a thorough and lasting recovery. Our aim is to empower you for a lasting health solution. Contact our Gloucester clinic at 01452 309372 for an appointment or to speak with our team.

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