Headaches are a frequent issue for many individuals. Some experience more persistent or intense headaches, leading to continuous discomfort and pain. These can arise from various sources, including neck and shoulder issues – most of which are highly treatable at our Gloucester clinic.

A headache can vary in intensity, ranging from a mild background tingle to a severe, sudden onset of pain.

The specific nature of the pain and accompanying symptoms differs significantly from one individual to another. Identifying the type or classification of headache you are experiencing is the first step. Below, we discuss some of the more common types of headaches encountered at our Gloucester clinic.

Cervicogenic Type Headaches

shutterstock_180863306Tight muscles in the neck or shoulders can refer pain to the head, causing headaches.  Pain is usually felt around the base of the skull and around the ears.  This is known as a ‘Cervicogenic’ headache.

Loosening the muscles and gently mobilizing the joints of the neck and shoulders can help to ease the pain and discomfort and prevent it from recurring.

Headache Danger Signs…

While most headaches have simple and treatable causes, some can indicate more serious issues. We advise consulting your GP in Gloucester if you experience any of the following:

  • A headache that develops immediately after physical activities like gym workouts, aerobics, or running.
  • A sudden, explosive or violent headache, especially following a head injury.
  • A headache accompanied by slurred speech, vision problems, difficulty moving arms or legs, loss of balance, confusion, or memory loss.
  • A headache along with fever, sickness, nausea, or vomiting.
  • A severe headache focused in one eye, with redness in the eye.
  • The onset of persistent headaches, particularly if over the age of 50, or if they worsen significantly within 24 hours.
  • A new, persistent headache if you have a history of cancer.

It’s essential to seek immediate medical advice in these situations for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

What to do if you suffer with cervicogenic headaches or migraines

Treating Your Pain…

At our Gloucester clinic, every visitor receives a comprehensive and thorough assessment as our top priority. We provide a clear and honest explanation of the suspected causes of your pain and the most effective course of action to address it.

Our objective is to restore you to your best health as swiftly as possible using specific mobilisations, gentle manipulations, and a variety of soft tissue therapies. Dry needling is also employed when suitable. After your initial visit, we’ll provide a summary for you to take home, ensuring you’re fully informed about your treatment plan.

Preventing Recurrence of Pain…

Our clinical team is committed to preventative care. We tailor a personalised ‘home help’ programme for every patient, essential for achieving a lasting recovery. Our goal is to empower you, working together to find the most permanent solution. For an appointment or to discuss your needs with our team, call our Gloucester clinic today at 01452 309372.

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