The benefit of digital x-ray

Our state of the art, digital X-Ray facilities enable us to make a clear and accurate diagnosis very quickly with no waiting list – we can give an almost immediate understanding of your condition.

Chiropractors are fully qualified to take and interpret X-rays. It’s a tremendously valuable tool that distinguishes chiropractors from other healthcare professions and enables us to get to the root cause, quickly.

An x-ray is an image obtained by placing a part of the body in front of an x-ray sensor and then illuminating it with a short X-ray pulse. Bones are dense structures and contain a lot of calcium, which absorbs x-rays well. This reduces the amount of X-rays reaching the detector behind the body part making them clearly visible on the x-ray computer.

Originally, all x-rays were on a film just like a photograph. These had to be delicately handled and developed in a darkroom using hazardous chemicals. All of this took time and didn’t always give the best image possible. Digital x-rays use plates with thousands of tiny digital sensors to create a clear image that can be transferred to a computer.

The most important advantage of a Digital x-ray is that it needs far less radiation than film, which therefore gives a much reduced risk to health. Digital images are much clearer and easier to edit (lighten or darken) if needed, to enhance certain parts of the x-ray. A speedy x-ray that can be immediately edited gives a much earlier diagnosis and treatment plan.

You are exposed to radiation with an x-ray but not an amount considered to be medically harmful. Believe it or not your body receives radiation from the atmosphere everyday! The amount of radiation you receive from a chest x-ray, for example, equates to a few days of this atmospheric or ‘background’ radiation. Chiropractors are trained to obtain a good quality x-ray whilst keeping your exposure to radiation to a minimum.

X-ray radiation may be harmful to an unborn baby. For this reason an x-ray won’t usually be used if you might be pregnant unless there is an urgent medical reason.

The taking of an x-ray of any part of your body involves administering a small dose of radiation, and so an x-ray is only taken if medically justified. We will adhere strictly to the guidelines set out by law in the ‘Ionising Radiation Regulations, 1999’ (IRR99).

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