Hip Pain

Painful wear and tear of the hip, often resulting from aging or overuse, is a prevalent issue. Our chiropractic team in Gloucester focuses on identifying the root cause of this problem and aims to restore your mobility to the best possible level.

Age-related changes can lead to hip issues like osteoarthritis, where cartilage wears thin and joints stiffen, resulting in pain and inflammation.

While age affects hips gradually, acute incidents like a rugby tackle or overexertion in the garden can cause injuries at any age. After a comprehensive assessment, our Gloucester chiropractic team will provide a clear diagnosis and recommend the most effective treatment plan for your specific hip condition.

Hip Osteoarthritis or Hip Pain Symptoms

hip painCommon symptoms of hip pain include sharp, dull, or burning sensations in the hip area. Pain may also ‘refer’ to the groin, buttock, thigh, or knee. Indicators of hip issues include:

  • Inability to bear weight or experiencing pain during walking or running.
  • Reduced movement or flexibility.
  • Weakness when standing or trying to stand.
  • ‘Clicking, clunking, or snapping’ noises or sensations.
  • Swelling, tingling, numbness, and pins and needles around the hip or leg.

Hip Pain Caused by Other Body Parts?

The hip can often refer pain to different body areas. ‘Referred’ pain is more common than expected, with the knee frequently affected. Knee discomfort, often misdiagnosed as a simple knee problem, might actually originate from the hip. Similarly, lower back injuries can refer pain to the hip. Issues such as disc bulges, pelvic joint sprains, and muscle injuries can cause hip pain. Prompt attention to hip pain or osteoarthritis usually leads to quicker recovery. To address your hip pain effectively, book an appointment with our chiropractic team in Gloucester on 01452 309372.

Get you out of pain…

At our Gloucester clinic, every visitor is assured a comprehensive and thorough assessment, prioritising your health above all. We provide a clear and honest explanation about the likely causes of your hip pain or hip osteoarthritis, along with the most effective treatment plan to address it.

Our objective is to restore you to optimal health swiftly using tailored mobilisations, gentle manipulation, and a diverse range of soft tissue therapies. Dry needling is also incorporated when suitable. Additionally, we offer a summary of your initial visit, giving you a detailed record to take home for reference.

Keep you out of pain…

Our clinical team at the Gloucester clinic takes great pride in our focus on preventative care. To every patient, we prescribe a fully personalised ‘home help’ programme, which is crucial for achieving the best and most enduring recovery. Our approach is designed to empower you, allowing us to collaborate towards the most permanent solution for your health concerns.

For an appointment or to discuss your needs with our knowledgeable team, call our clinic today at 01452 309372.

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