At each consultation appointment we will provide you with a clear understanding of how long a course of treatment may be expected to last, and the associated costs involved


  • Initial Consultation
    £48 per consultation
  • Chiropractic Treatment
    £45 per treatment
  • Chiropractic Re-Consult
    £44 per re-consult – This consultation is for those patients whose last chiropractic treatment was between 12 and 24 months ago, or who present with a new injury or condition.  Please note that for patients whose last chiropractic treatment was more than 2 years ago an Initial Consultation will be required at a fee of £48, as above.
  • Remote Consultation – Existing patient, current injury
    £20 per video
  • Remote Consultation – New patient / New injury
    £30 per video


  • Orthotics Complete Package
    £130 – Includes consultation, gait analysis, report of findings, treatment, and custom made bespoke orthotics
  • We also stock “off the shelf” orthotics and sports orthotics in full and half length, in a range of sizes.  Please call 01452309372 for prices or drop into the clinic.


  • Massage Therapy 45 Minutes (recommended)
  • Pregnancy Massage 45 Minutes (recommended)
  • Massage Therapy 30 Minutes (time saver option – not recommended if this is your first Massage Session)
  • Massage Therapy 4 Package
    4 x 45 minute sessions £192 (save £8)
  • Massage Therapy 8 Package
    8 x 45 minute sessions £380 (save £20)

Free 20 minute taster sessions are available to help you to determine whether or not Massage Therapy is right for you.

Digital X-Ray

    • One Body Part including image £80
    • Two Body Parts including image £115
    • Report £20

Please note that the x-ray fee is for the actual taking of the x-ray. The clinic retains ownership of all notes and images, including x-ray images. Images can be purchased for an additional fee of £25 if they are purchased separately.

Pilates Style Sessions

  • Pilates
    40 Minute Sessions £35 each
  • Pilates package offers are available – please enquire for details 

Other Therapies and Treatments

  • Spinal Rehabilitation
    First Session £30, Subsequent Sessions £26 (Packages are available
  • Taping or Strapping Session
    £20 (please note that if you are new to this clinic it may be necessary for you to book a consultation before you receive taping or strapping)
  • Taping or Strapping during a treatment
    £5 additional charge on top of your treatment charge

We Also Stock

  • Ice-packs
  • Pain Relieving Gel
  • Adjustable Orthopaedic Pillows
  • Exercise Balls
  • Exercise Band
  • Orthotics
  • Heel Lifts

Please drop into reception or call 01452 309372 for prices.

If you are currently unwell please do not visit the clinic.  Please ring or email us to re-arrange your appointment.


All prices are subject to change.
We accept payment by cash and by most major credit and debit cards.

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