‘Wear and Tear’ & Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, which translates to ‘inflammation of the bone and joint’, encompasses several causes. It‘s a general term used to describe the ’wearing’ of a joint, commonly addressed in our Gloucester clinic.

Osteoarthritis, or OA, is also known as Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD). This condition represents a gradual degeneration of bone and surrounding soft tissues. Typically associated with aging, OA can also develop earlier due to injuries or diseases, a common concern among patients in Gloucester.

knee OAIt’s a common likelihood that we will all encounter some form of Osteoarthritis in our lives. While wear and tear is normal, it can become problematic if it restricts normal joint movement or hinders daily activities, a concern we often address in our Gloucester clinic.

Years of engaging in various activities can make certain areas more susceptible to Osteoarthritis. For instance, gardeners and rugby players may frequently experience it in the knees or neck, while drivers and athletes might find their hips more prone.

Although completely reversing Osteoarthritis (Plan ‘A’) isn’t possible, Plan ‘B’ offers a viable alternative: gently restoring joint mobility and rebuilding lost strength to maintain functionality and comfort.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis we treat at our clinic in Gloucester

Symptoms you may experience with wear and tear or osteoarthritis are wide and varied from one person to the next.  The following are the more common ones:

  • Stiffnesslow back mri
  • Dull aching or sharp pains
  • Morning pain and stiffness
  • Loss of movement
  • Tender joint area
  • Gradual worsening of symptoms over months or years
  • ‘Clunking’ or ‘creaking’ of the joint
  • Joint swelling
  • Limping or can’t bear weight evenly
  • Joint redness
  • Changes in the joint shape/ contours

Get you out of pain

At our Gloucester clinic, each patient is guaranteed a comprehensive assessment. We provide clear, straightforward explanations about the causes of your pain and the most effective treatment plan. Our goal is to restore you to optimal health quickly, utilizing specific mobilisations, gentle manipulations, and a range of soft tissue therapies, including dry needling when appropriate. You will also receive a summary of your initial visit for your records.

Keep you out of pain

Our Gloucester clinical team excels in preventative care. We tailor a personalised ‘home help’ programme for every patient, crucial for the most effective and long-lasting recovery. Our aim is to empower you, working together towards the most lasting health solution. Contact our clinic at 01452309372 for an appointment or to discuss your needs with our team.

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