Proudly Announcing the Renewal of our Award for Excellence in Patient Partnership

PPQM 2016

Here it is, all shiney and bright, and lovely!  Our PPQM renewal!

PPQM stands for Patient Partnership Quality Mark.  It’s awarded to clinics that meet the Royal College of Chiropractor’s strict standards of excellence in meeting patient expectations.

We work really hard towards being the best that we can be, and to provide the best care that we possiblty can to each and every individual patient.

It makes us very proud to achieve recognition for this from the RCC, and to be able to give you that extra bit of peace of mind.

Well done team.

Leah Rose

PS – apologies for the dreadful photography, it was my best effort!!

Adam Balding’s Testimonial For Kate

Kate has used a wide range of techniques including massage and stretches. As a result my muscles are much looser, my joints move much more freely and my range of motion and feeling of general well being has much improved. There has also been the added benefits of increased speed of recovery from injury enabling me to get back on the pitch quicker, pain relief from injury and improved warm up. Thanks Kate!

Couldn’t Have Done it Without Luke!

Please pass on my thanks to Luke for his help with my foot! I am so pleased to be able to say I completed the Run to the Beat Half Marathon on Sunday in 2hrs 20! I couldn’t have done it without his help. Nicky W.

Aaron Barnett, UK Endurance Lifting Champion 2013, UK Sprint Lifting Champion 2011 and Personal Trainer

“Simon’s treatment of my shoulder injury was spot on and I saw quick results – he played a pivotal role in enabling me to regain my title- “UK Endurance Lifting Champion 2013”. I didn’t think I’d be able to compete to a high level again, but thankfully Simon proved me wrong.”

“I’m a professional Personal Trainer and I need to be working to 100% fitness as my clients include internationally ranked tennis players. Effective and timely treatments when I need them keep my shoulder on top form, and prevent recurrence of my injury.” 




Adam Balding – London Welsh, Former Gloucester Player

“After injuring my back playing rugby, Simon helped clear things up quickly and got me back out on the pitch. His attention to detail, treatment skills and expertise in building an aftercare training program have made a real difference!”

Thank You For Helping Me Through the Last Weeks of My Pregnancy!

Thank you all so much for helping me through the last weeks of my pregnancy – I couldn’t have done it without you!”

We Particularly Love This One!

Whilst on holiday… “I was leaping about on cliff paths and up very steep hills like a mountain goat! Thanks for making that possible….”

A Thank You from Linda

Thank you so much for sorting me out yesterday. I’m still not entirely ‘right’ of course but I’m soooooo much better. I’ve just walked across the car park…then walked all round the supermarket for the weekly shop. I didn’t need to grit my teeth, or wonder if I was actually going to make, it at all!! Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Mrs Barker

Following a questionnaire about what she liked most about the clinic, Mrs Barker responded:

“Knowing people and being able to trust their advice.”

Mrs Cromb

Following a questionnaire about what she liked most about the clinic, Mrs Cromb responded:

“Practitioners are always on time, friendly, and will do anything to help”