Kate West – Our New Sports Massage Therapist!

A big welcome to Kate West – our new Sports Massage Therapist – who is joining the team here at the Longlevens Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic!  Massage Therapy has gone from strength to strength thanks to the expert skills of Tracey Morris who has achieved outstanding results for patients and now Kate is joining to help us to cope with the demand that we have for massage therapy, particulary sports massage.  We will update our website with further details about Kate as soon as we can, but in the  meantime, take advantage of our free 20 minute taster sessions with either Kate or Tracey to find out how sports massage feels, what a difference it makes and how it could help you.  Call now on 01452 309372 or email using to contact us section of the website or via contact@longlevenschiro.com.