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Neck pain and Whiplash

Chronic Neck pain affects 1.5 out of 9 billion people worldwide, Chiropractors are known as the spinal specialists and have exceptional knowledge and skills that can help ease your neck pain so that you can function correctly

Tim Taylor ~ Fly Half, Gloucester Rugby

“From a rugby player’s point of view, chiropractic treatment is essential for maintaining good flexibility and aiding recovery. Simon has been great at keeping my back mobile and free of injury.” Tim Taylor Fly Half, Gloucester Rugby

Mr G, Gloucester

“Tracey really listened to what my concerns/needs were, and then used her knowledge to explain how she would proceed, given all the information. Tracey makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. As she talks to you and prepares for your massage, you can tell she really has an interest in not […]

Go For It!

We wish the very best of luck to patient Tom Hardcastle and to friend James O’Driscoll who are both running the London Marathon this month in support of very worthy causes.  We admire their determination and commitment, not to mention their fitness!  Superb effort guys, well done, we hope it goes very well for you both.

Very big thank you to all of our patients!

We would like to say a very big thank you to all of our patients for your support over the last month!  It is great to be part of such a lovely community. Longlevens Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic suffered bad flood damage from a burst pipe during the big freeze just before Christmas.  We quickly constructed a […]

Free injury assessments to members

We would like to work with local sports teams and employers and are able to offer schemes such as, for example,  free injury assessments to members.  It can be a great way to help team members and employees to recover from injury and get back to fitness as soon as possible, resulting in less days out of […]


Also known as ‘Degenerative joint disease’, ‘DJD’ or ‘wear and tear’, Osteoarthritis when translated means “inflammation of the bone and joint”. As we get older, we are all likely to suffer from Osteoarthritis, therefore it is the most common type of arthritis.

Trapped nerves

Nerve tissue is extremely sensitive and vulnerable to damage. If a nerve becomes irritated or squeezed, then the symptoms of a ‘Trapped Nerve’ will be felt, the common causes of a trapped nerve are Disc Bulges, Swelling, Piriformis Syndrome, Osteophytic Encroachment (due to the ‘stabilisation phase’ of bony degeneration) as well as Muscular and Fascial […]